Technical Aspects of Video Conferencing

Linda Dickeson (Distance Learning Manager,Lincoln Public Schools) -
John Stritt (Distance Education Coordinator, ESU 10) -
Annie Mumgaard (Museum Educator, UNSM-Morrill Hall) -

With the development of technical options that reduce the cost for equipment while maintaining the quality of both video and audio to send a Virtual Field Trip, any educational based organization can now offer enrichment programming.

Workshop Outcomes:
  • Marketing Your VFT
  • Technical aspects of Video Conferencing
  • Statewide collaboration
Using our October workshop or Affordable Devices from NDLA presentation, the following are ideas we might re-use:
  • Welcome and introduction - Linda
  • Kahoot or Form to gather information
  • Equipment used at Morrill Hall - - Annie
  • VC Basics - John
  • Marketing and Funding
  • NDLA Membership