VFT Basics



Linda Dickeson (Distance Learning Manager,Lincoln Public Schools) - ldickes@lps.org
John Stritt (Distance Education Coordinator, ESU 10) - jstritt@esu10.org
Annie Mumgaard (Museum Educator, UNSM-Morrill Hall) - amumgaard@unl.edu

Are you considering providing programs about your museum through videoconferencing? 
Presentation Outcomes:
  • value of virtual field trips (enrichment programs) for your institution and for K-12 classrooms, 
  • important aspects of a lesson plan,
  • tips for student engagement.
Using our October workshop, the following are ideas we might re-use:
  • Welcome and introduction - Linda
  • Elephants in Your Backyard - http://goo.gl/QlzC3G - Annie
  • Creating your VFT Plan (Pre-Tele-Post) - John
  • Strategies when presenting a lesson
  • Marketing your VFT program. (Could be in presentation 2)