NASA Registration Process -

As registration by teachers for NASA projects is part of the NVIS system, the ESU of the school request is currently responsible for following up with that request.  When a registration request is made by the school there are 2 emails generated.
Email 1 - The first email is sent to the teacher making the request.  The email confirms the reservation including the information that was submitted.  A note at the bottom of the email will state that the teacher will receive a followup email confirming date/time of the event and providing connection information.
Email 2 - The second email goes to the ESU DL team supporting the school, currently to me, and in some instances will go to the sending site.  (NASA programs will not receive this information however as we will work with them to schedule the event.
Scheduling a NASA Event:
  1. Go to the NVIS site and locate and connect to the NASA event requested.
  2. At the site go down to the "URL" field and click on the link.  This will take you to their site.
  3. Check what NASA sites will be able to present the program.  This information will be listed under "hosting space flight center"
  4. Click on "register" in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Scroll down to where it shares "Procedures for requesting Events are located on temporary calendars (Click Here)."
  6. In the left hand column will be a list of hosting NASA sites.  Based on the hosting space flight center information in #3 above, select the site you would like to have for the presentation.  If you have 2 or more sites as options, you will have additional calendar choices.
  7. Before you send an email to DLN scroll down to the bottom of the page to check date/time availability based upon the teacher's request. 
    • They request two weeks notice (When checking their calendar you find an opening prior to 2 weeks, you could request to see if they can make it work)
    • Only one request per email.
    • Only 3 individual requests per 24-hour period.
    • They will want to do a test prior to the event.
  8. If the NASA calendar date/time is available, you then need to prepare an email.  Feel free to copy the following and put it into your email request:

    • To:
    • From: Your school email address - (no personal emails please)
    • Subject: Module Name, Center Name  (example:  Humans in Space, Glenn)

    • Body of the email:
      • School name:
      • City, State and Zip Code where your school is located:
      • Contact number for you or your tech support (School system numbers ONLY):
      • The grade levels and number of students who will be participating (minimum – 15):
      • Give your time zonedate, and available time slot in September ONLY, (A new system will be in place on or before Oct. 1):
      • Connection Type: Standard Videoconference, Skype, Vidyo, ConferenceMe, etc.:
      • Comments if additional info would benefit presenter(Include information about the grade level, IP Address, information about how you want to do a test connection, your role in supporting the event, etc..):