Strategies of a Lesson

  • Who is part of your presentation team?
  • What are the cross-curricular connections?
  • What is the "right length" of your video conference?
  • How do your engage students in your presentation?
    • Ways to make a connection to the school site
      • Have school introduce their class (grade level, subject area, school mascot, etc.)
      • Show a map (if computer capable use google maps) of where you are at and the school is at. 
      • Other idea?
    • Engaging tips during the lesson
      • If you ask a question have the teacher select a student to answer.  (You can go by color of shirt, front row, etc. but easier and quicker to have teacher do the selection.)
      • If you ask a question ask students to partner to discuss and then share answer
      • If you ask a question and want to get a group response of understanding have them give a visible gesture. Example thumbs up for understand - sideways for not sure - down for don't get it. 
      • Leave time for questions at the end of the lesson.
      • If possible include student movement within lesson.