Hopes for Today

VFT providers shared the following hopes for today:
  • Since we have seen a decline in attendance from school field trip groups, I would like to make it easier for schools and teachers to "see" our facility and learn more about John Neihardt, Native American history and culture, and the history and culture of the West.    I would hope that this type of outreach might increase our visitation and certainly our virtual visitation.
  • Networking with ESU's around the state to help us find ways to share our services.
  • I would like to learn about what other providers are using for their equipment and connection needs and how other providers are dealing with issues that arise.
  • How to create a Virtual Tour.   NSHS has virtual exhibits online that contain still photos and labels, but we would like to be able to deliver Nebraska history to classrooms across the state.
  • How to write a lesson plan; what teachers are looking for.
  • How we can start doing this, what equipment we need, cost, etc.  Mostly the nuts and bolts of how it works and how to start your own program using it.
  • I want to become comfortable with coordinating technologies with the connection to students, learning the equipment to enhance programs and be able to go forward with distance learning as an important tool.
  • Learn how to connect with more of our members, the community and create new educational opportunities that utilize our organizations resources
  • Best ways to work with schools throughout NE to make them aware of our offerings and best practices to make sure all DL interactions run smoothly and efficiently.
  • I need more time to actively begin developing my video lessons/offering; funding opportunities will also be useful.
  • How our museum might incorporate virtual field trips into our education department.