Charging for a presentation - Is that an option?

 Is this a consideration?
  • Can we charge for doing a presentation? Yes but
    •   Teachers typically regard any type of program fee as a possible barrier or extra paperwork, which may reduce the number of program requests. Funding sources may include:

      • Departmental discretionary funds
      • Building or District Field Trip budget
      • Foundation or Program mini-grant
      • Parent/Teacher Organization
      • Student Admission Fee
      • Teacher’s own pocket
  • Do we have a reason to charge? (Purchase equipment, pay wages, etc.)
  • Content providers need to cover upfront and recurring costs related to:

    o   Codec and peripheral equipment

    o   Fiber circuit construction

    o   Monthly telecom costs

    o   Program development and materials

    o   Website and media development

    o   Educational and outreach staff

    o   Evaluation efforts

  • Can we charge different rates based on
  • §  Length of the lesson? (e.g. 30 mins = $50; 60 mins = $100, etc…)

    §  Number of sites connecting? (e.g. 1 program cost is shared between several sites)

    §  In-state vs out-of-state? (e.g. Free or reduced to in-state entities; Charge to out-of-state entities)

    §  Number of students participating?  (e.g. $1 per student in attendance)

  • If we wished to charge, what is the going rate(s)?
    • What are Nebraska providers charging? (Examples from audience)
    • Out of state? ( content provider rates vary; from $25 to $200 per program)
  • What are some funding options to assist in paying for lessons?
    •   Grants (e.g. Nebraska Arts Council, Humanities Council, etc.)

      §  Corporate (e.g. equipment & telecom provider) sponsorship

      §  School Membership fee (e.g. monthly, semester, annually, etc…)

      §  Enterprise sponsorship by Network Nebraska K-12 Participant


Compiled by Tom Rolfes, Nebraska Office of the CIO/NITC,, 402-471-7969