Demo Test Site

*The following resource allows for a presenter without H.323 technology to dial a video conferencing codec.  In order to make such a connection, the user must be using the Chrome or Firefox browser.
To invite the presenter, you would send them the following email:
On (date and time) you will be presenting to (school).  To make that connection you will need the following:
  • a computer with a camera
  • connection to either the Firefox or Chrome web browser
Click here to make that connection and you will see the following in your web browser (the web link you will enter is as follows - IP address)&autodial=true): Click here to give it a try.
  • click the "allow" button
  • if this is the first time you will enter your email address
*To make this connection we are using the Lifesize WebRTC test site.  This site was made available for testing in September of 2013.  They are using the site to gather information about frequency of use and the type of connections made.  There is no charge for using this site and its availability is determined by Lifesize.