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Adding a Course in NVIS

Adding a course is the first step in listing a course in NVIS.  Adding this course information does not automatically list the course as you need to add sections of the course for each semester/year it is offered.  The first time you create a course, you must then create a new section offering.  If you repeat that course the next semester/year, you can then create a new section or duplicate one that is in existence.

1. Login to your account

2. Go to the "management" tab

3. Select "course management"

4. Next to "Course List" at the top, click on the green + icon

5. Add course information

6. Click Create New Course

7. Once this course information has been added and saved, go to create section.

    8. Click Create New Section

That completes the adding a new course. To make any changes, view the course details and click the pencil icon. Be sure to save the changes when done editing.