PTP VC W/Students

To acquaint yourself with students at a remote site consider scheduling a point-to-point video conference.  In addition to getting to know your students, your students will then know how they can technically communicate with you during the course.
  • Select the video tool that might support the easiest and best connection.  Note that students will probably need something on their desktop/mobile device.
    • Options:  Google hangouts, Clearsea, Scopia, Skype.
  • Create and share with students your meeting plan. Some questions you might consider asking:
    • Is this the first class you have taken over video conferencing?
    • If so what are your expectations? concerns?
    • If you have taken a class before what were positives or ways that might have improved the class?
    • What are your favorite subjects?
    • Why are you taking this class over VC?
    • What subject interests you most in school?
    • Do you have some extra-curricular areas you are involved with?
  • As a followup to the meeting, ask to share the benefits of the conference (ie administration, ESU, other DL teachers)
  • Might this be used for a Parent/Teacher conference?