On The Fly

If your students have access to a computer or smart device, you can ask unscripted questions during the class to get immediate feedback of their understanding.  The following video will assist you in downloading, owning and editing the form, and collecting/sharing the results.
  • To download the On The Fly form go to http://goo.gl/u2QURv 
  • Additional support information can be seen below in column 1.
  • After watching the video, please complete the questionnaire in column 2.
In using this google form, you will need to provide your students with a link to the form site and share and have students bookmark that address in their web browser 
  • To get that link click on "live view"
  • You will also want to bookmark a link so you can get to it response summary.  To do that you will take the "live form address" (for example:  http://docs.google.com/..../viewform). Change the viewform to viewanalytics. (http://docs.google.com/..../viewanalytics)  
    • Each time you ask a new question and want to see the responses you just refresh your screen.
  • At the end of each day you can go to your form and select "responses" tab and "Delete all responses"