Standard Class Room System

(The following troubleshooting guide was provided by Scott Jones, SNDEN)

The system is turned on but one or more of the TV's are not on, and there is no picture.

  • Manually turn on theTV monitors with the remote control or power switch. Make sure the TVs are set to VIDEO, not a TV channel or Video S-In (Aux-Enter button on most monitors).
  • Check to see if the distribution amplifiers located in the teacher station are on. Look under the Brick Rack on the right hand side of the teacher station (you have to get down on your knees to see the lights--sorry!) Visually check to see if the green lights on all four units are on.
  • Make sure that the remote sites have their systems turned on. When a scheduled class comes up, if a school does not have its system turned on, that site will appear as a black monitor with no picture.

You do not get a picture from the teacher or student camera.

  • Make sure the camera power supply is plugged in and no wires are loose.
  • Check to make sure the power indicator light is on (back of most cameras).
  • Check to see if the zoom lens is open on the front of the camera (a flashlight shined into the front of the camera works best).

You do not get a picture from the Document or Graphics camera.

  • Check to make sure you have selected the correct button on the Q-Link Controller and are "swapped" to that selection.
  • If the overhead camera does not work, check the "AD ChromaPip" switch (top right hand side of teacher's station) and see if the red power light is on.
  • Check the audio/video distribution amps for power (back of teacher station must be removed to see these items).

Feedback from remote site.

  • Check to make sure that all sites have their VCR Mute on (unless they are recording your site).
  • Make sure every site has its BiAmp amplifier set properly (dials 1 and 7 set at "9 o'clock" and dials 2 through 6 set at "7 o'clock."
  • Have sites check to make sure there is not an open microphone cable (disconnected from the microphone).

Problems with wireless microphone.

  • Check the battery in the wireless transmitter unit if the wireless mic cuts out or becomes weak.
  • Keep the microphone at least 8-12 inches from mouth.
  • Make certain the instructor is wearing the microphone. The wireless microphone will not pick up sound if it is placed on top of the teacher station.
  • Check the dial settings on the BiAmp (see Feedback from remote site above).
  • Check the volume level on the wireless receiver which is mounted in the teacher station. You will need to contact the Consortium office to do this check.

Problems with student audio.

  • If student microphones are weak or cutting out, the students may be too far from or too close to the microphones.
  • Students may not be in the 130º reception range of the microphones.
  • Microphones may be covered with something.
  • Check to see if a cable has been disconnected; check connectors. If another microphone works in that same input, the microphone cable may be damaged.
  • Check the volume on the BiAmp amplifiers at all sites.

VCR did not record.

  • Check to make sure RECORD button is pushed on VCR.
  • Check to make sure VCR input is on "AU" (Auxiliary) or "L" (Line Feed). Use the remote control to change Input Select to "AU" or "L."
  • Tape has record safety tab removed.
  • Make sure you pushed the correct button on the VCR Record Switcher (right side of teacher station) that corresponds to the site you want to record. 

VCR Playback - no sound in remote site.

  • Remote site may not have its BiAmp audio amplifier turned up high enough to receive sound from sending site.
  • Sending site has its Send Room mute button on so no VCR sound leaves room.
  • If attempting to record from one of the interactive sites, VCR Mute Button was "on" (red light) while recording. VCR Mute Button must be "off" (no light) when recording to the VCR.

VCR - no picture on playback.

  • Make sure that the correct "VCR" button is depressed on the 8-Button Video Switcher (#3 button on most systems).
  • Make sure that the correct "VCR Select" button was depressed on 4-Button Record Selection Switcher if you were recording from one of the 4 interactive sites.

Broad black and white lines on TV monitor while trying to play VCR.

  • Make sure that button #3 on the 8-Button Video Switcher has been pushed.
  • Make sure that tape is in PLAY mode.