Protocol and Support

Gather information regarding the problem
  • Where is the origin of the problem?
    • Is this a video conferencing system problem?
      • Is this a Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, other video conferencing device?
      • Is this a problem on a mobile cart or in a classroom?
    • Is this a desktop system problem?
      • Is it a computer based or mobile device problem?
      • What is the application in question? (i.e. Clearsea, Scopia, Polycom RMX, Jabber, Other)
  • Explain the problem
    • Is it a video problem? If so what is the problem.
    • Is it an audio problem?  If so what is the problem.
    • Is there a problem with other distance learning equipment?  If so what is the problem.
    • Other? If so what is the problem.
  • What steps have you tried to resolve the problem?
  • What level of attention is needed to solve the problem?
    • Urgent - needs immediate attention.
    • Does not need immediate attention.