Accessory Connections

With advancements in video conferencing technology, their are new challenges of using older technology with the new connections.  The following are a few of the connection pieces that could be used in support of mixed input/outputs.  All item numbers listed are taken from the site as of February, 2012.  ESUCC does not endorse *Cost per unit - Single item purchase.  Multiple item purchase reduces cost. **Last Item on List - Purchased at

 Item Description     Product ID # Cost Purpose
 6' 3.5 Stereo M to RCA M 5598     $2,88 VHS or Codec audio out to audio in on TV Display or Computer audio out to RCA audio in.
 15' DVI to DVI Cable 2760 $10.16 DVI/M out to DVI/M in.  Mac Computer out to Codec in.
 VGA Gender Changer F/F 1191 $1.65 Used to extend length of  2 VGA cables together
 DVI/M to VGA/F 2396 $1.71 Codec or Mac Computer changer from DVI to VGA
 DVI/M to HDMI/F 2029 $2.26 Codec DVI out to HDMI
 Powered VGA Splitter 1 input/2 output ports 4903 $16.15 To split computer out to codec and projector with audio.
 Powered VGA Splitter with audio 1 input/2 output 4077 $28.90 To split computer out to codec and projector with audio.
 Composite and SVideo to HDMI converter 7111 $47.85 VHS/DVD or Doc Camera converter kit.
 Powered Splitter HDMI in to 2 HDMI Out 8154 $33.47 Splitting HDMI out from 1 to 2 systems.
 **Lifestyle Powered HDMI In to VGA + audio out LK-219415 $44.98 HDMI out from codec to VGA with audio to projector or video display.