Troubleshooting AudioVideo

Checking Devices for Video and Audio

To check the audio and video options within Lifesize Cloud:
  1. With the Lifesize Cloud application open
  2. Click on the menu item "Lifesize Cloud" on Mac - File on PC
  3. Select "Preferences"

Select Devices Icon to Check Video and Audio Configuration

Video Configuration:
  • Under Camera select the video camera of choice.
Microphone (outgoing audio):
  • Select microphone of choice.  When you talk the "level" bar should show green to indicate volume.
  • Select speakers device of choice.
  • Click "Test" and you should hear and audio sound.  
  • No sound change device option.  You must get a sound when selecting "test"
Note:  If you are on a PC and still can not hear or be heard go to the lower right hand corner of your computer and click on the volume icon.  Your mixer will appear.  Check each option to make sure they are not muted or that the volume is turned down.