Connecting to a Cloud Event

If you are invited to participate in a Lifesize Cloud event, you may receive an email notification or an invite to your calendar. The invitation will include a link to join a Lifesize Cloud Call.  The link will look like the following: 

Options for connecting include:
  • Connect using the Chrome browser.  (Currently the browser option only works in Chrome)
  • Connect using the Lifesize Cloud application downloaded for Mac, PC, or Smart Devices
  • Connect as an audio call from a phone.

Chrome Browser Connect:
By using your Chrome Browser - no application download required

  • Step 1 - Click on call
  • Step 2  - Click on "allow"

Lifesize Cloud Application for registered or guest users:
By using your application - if downloaded you can connect to the meeting by clicking on "Call now".  Then enter as a guest or registered user

  • As a guest user
    • Enter your name
    • String to connect will be provided
  • As a registered user
    • An account must first be created before you can be a registered user.
    • When created enter your login - email address
    • Enter password

Audio call from a phone:
Other ways to connect to the event:
  • Audio call connection
  • Using a video conferencing system you can enter IP to connect (Note - Only licensed users can dial out to an H.323 IP address from Lifesize Cloud)