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Classroom Management

1. Class Size

  • Class size shall be limited to 25 students unless additional student enrollment is mutually agreed upon by the teacher and administration.

2. Discipline

  • Participating districts shall develop system-wide student discipline procedures.
  • Student Responsibility - Students are expected to sign and abide by the guidelines of the Student DL Agreement Policy.
  • Teacher Responsibility - Teachers are expected to maintain usual classroom order as in a regular class situation, but shall not be held liable for behavior of students at remote sites.
  • In the event of behavior problems, the teacher shall notify remote site personnel immediately.  Behavior problems at remote sites will be handled by remote site personnel.  Phone numbers of all participating sites shall be made available to the teacher of the course.

3. Attendance

  • Student absences will be handled as with other absences, except that the originating teacher shall maintain a record of remote site student absences from his/her classes. (For grading and assessment purposes)
  • Each school is responsible for maintaining attendance records for students at that site.

4. Production Rights

  • Any of the Consortium schools may reuse the delivery tapes in-house. The sale and reuse of remote delivery tapes outside the network schools shall be permitted only upon agreement of the teacher and administration of participating schools.
  • A release shall be obtained and be on file from parents of students and/or students of legal age portrayed in taped sessions in the event that the tape is used for other than in-house educational purposes.