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Pre Year Video Conferencing Checklist

Prior to the start of a new year or semester, the sending teacher should a) test the video conferencing equipment, and b) meet with the receiving site principal, classroom monitor, and sending site principal to preview the class.

I.  Distance Education Equipment Checklist
II. General School Information

  • Share starting and end dates of school.
  • Share school calendars.  Is a Google calendar a possibility?
  • Share school newsletters, weekly bulletins, and school announcements.
  • Share school web site.

III. Distance Education Class Information

  • Review class times and if not the same, who is responsible for receiving site students during the extra time.
  • Share sending and receiving site emergency phone options.
  • Discuss textbooks, consumable items, and other course materials that might be needed. Each site should bear the cost for their material usage.
  • Sending site teacher should share expectations
    • Course syllabus
    • Grading policies including grade reporting
    • Class attendance policies - what are each school's policies?
    • Homework expectations
    • Behavior expectations
IV.  Student Conduct
  • Each student/parent-guardian has completed and has on file with their school a student assurances agreement which outlines student behavior protocol.
  • The student assurances contract should include a health check question to inform the sending site teacher of any health issues that they should be made aware of (ie asthma, hearing loss, etc)
  • Procedure for handling student conduct issues:
    • Follow student assurance procedure
    • In the event that a student needs to be dismissed immediately for conduct or health reasons, the sending teacher will notify the principal or office and they will immediately follow up with the student.
    • Share contact phone numbers.
  • Conferences
    • Teacher/Student Conferences
      • Does the sending site teacher plan to visit and teach from a receiving site school?
      • Will the receiving site school compensate the sending site district for travel and substitute costs?
      • Will the receiving sites be able to provide transportation for students to attend a scheduled educational class function where all schools meet for a course field trip?
      • What methods will be used for special meeting with students.
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
      • Is the video conferencing instructor expected to participate for P/T conferences?
      • When will conferences be held?
      • Does the sending teacher plan to go to receiving school for P/T conferences? use distance education system? not participate?
      • In the event of a special meeting as requested by sending teacher, principal, or parents, which school representative will be in attendance from the receiving site school?
        • Principal? Guidance Counselor? Classroom Monitor?
V. Classroom support
  • If there will be a classroom monitor, who will that person be? What are their responsibilities:
    • Will they be in attendance every day?
    • Will they report attendance for your school‚s records?
    • Will they support student learning?
    • Will they run off and pass out course materials?
    • Will they monitor testing?
    • Will they be responsible for students for time that is before or after regular scheduled class time?
    • Will they be responsible for students when classes are not held over the system?
    • Will they be available to support computer based projects?
  • Computer Support:
    • Do students have learning management accounts?
    • Does each student have access to a computer?
    • Would a computer lab be available to support classroom activities?