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Instructional Applications

The following applications seek to limit both time and distance that separate teacher and students over video conferencing.
 Application How the application supports video conferencing
Google Suite Schools who have adopted Google typically use the Google for Education setup. Google suite is a group of applications. Faculty and students have accounts that allow them to maintain their own account which includes file storage in the cloud.
Google Documents
Documents consists of word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, forms (surveys) and draw.  Documents can be shared and multiple students may have access allowing collaboration. 
Google MailEmail service supported through Google cloud system.
Google SitesGoogle web design program.  This web page was created using Google sites.
Google HangoutsVideo conferencing and chat network that allows up to 10 different individuals to conference.  It is not H.323 compliant. 
Socrative Teacher (works like clickers)
A teacher application to create questions to share with students.  
Student application allows students to provide feedback using mobile or computer (web-based) systems.
Learning Management System (LMS)Angel, Moodle, Edmoto, Blackboard, Schoology, are examples of LMS programs.
Safari Montage and Learn360A Learning Object Repository that can be used for resources and to share documents.
EduCreations, Linoit 
Collaborative workspaces on the web or an iPad