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1. Teachers shall work with administration to provide notice through the state video conferencing curriculum site - NVIS - of proposed course offerings.

2. Teachers shall provide information about the course as requested on the NVIS site.

3. Sending site teachers and/or school administration shall followup on any NVIS enrollment requests to accept or reject those requests.

4. Pre-Registration and Registration procedures shall be coordinated and consistent in all participating districts. Principals will provide completed enrollment forms to the sending site teacher prior to the first scheduled class.
  • Students shall pre-enroll for distance learning through the school registration process.
  • Pre-enrollment will be a coordinated effort using the Nebraska Virtual Instruction Curriculum Source (NVIS) between sites sending classes and the individuals responsible for student counseling and scheduling.

5. Teachers shall provide a course syllabus for the registration of students in interactive television courses that is approved by the originating site administration.

  • The course syllabus should:
    • Identify prerequisites so they are clearly understood by individuals responsiblle for student counseling and scheduling.
    • Accurately describe interactive television class expectations to students..