The goal of Nebraska’s BlendEd eLearning System is to implement instructional and content technologies to enhance teaching and learning, extend educational opportunities, and improve learning outcomes for students of all ages throughout the state of Nebraska in the most equitable, efficient, and effective manner possible.   The following provides additional information about the BlendEd initiative.


The Nebraska BlendEd eLearning System BlendEd has the potential to establish a new paradigm of blended, technology-assisted enhanced instruction. Implementation of these instructional technologies will enable teachers to access, create, and share learning objects and other educational content and reference materials that would significantly enrich and deepen the learning experiences offered to Nebraska students.

Blended education has been promoted by educational researchers as a one of the most promising recent innovations in education because it provides options for instruction. It allows flexibility in access and delivery to include support for traditional face-to-face (synchronous) instruction and online (asynchronous) instruction and supports the any time, any place, any path, any pace learning model which significantly extends learning opportunities.

Teachers will be able to access or develop content ranging from topic specific learning objects to full online courses that can be utilized; 1) in the traditional face-to-face classroom; 2) in existing video distance learning classrooms; or 3) to students outside the confines of the class- room and the normal school day. This will facilitate extending learning opportunities currently unavailable to many students in Nebraska’s smaller schools due to a lack of certified teachers in certain areas, including the STEM subjects (i.e. science, technology, engineering, and math) and the languages.

This project is intended to encourage and incentivize many separate educational entities to come together to collaborate and establish a plan of action to promote the appropriate adoption of these instructional tools, technologies, and associated instructional techniques and leverage our many, outstanding existing educational resources and staff.

The implementation of this project will include strategic phases of capacity building over the next four years to reach the greatest number of teachers and students in the shortest period of time in the most cost effective manner possible.

The Nebraska BlendED Initiative will truly be a ‘blend’ of efforts by partners from education, business, state government and charitable foundations working together to advance learning outcomes to produce career and college ready graduates.